Friday, February 22, 2013

A little life lately post.

Upon getting an email lately that my bestie sent me, I realized I told her about 
a cute saying that Kate has been saying that I've completely forgotten about lately. Why am I not documenting these moments to look back at years from now?

Without further ado....

Ben's favorite things lately

Show: Team Umizoomi (he says it's because Katie like it)

Book: The 12 Days of Christmas

Store: Toy Store

Colors: Blue and Yellow

We're working on writing out numbers. He can count to 30+, count backwards and all, 
but writing them out seems to be an issue.

Kate lately

"Benny, stop it! stop it!"

"Benny, bad girl!" 

"Mama, Puppy! I clean!"

Show: Team Umizoomi (she calls it, "zoomi zoomi")

Book: What is Christmas? (they must miss christmas a lot!)