Saturday, November 12, 2011


The Sickies have been in our house for the last week.  They started off pretty mild with my son and he just having a slight runny nose.  Then, last sunday, my daughter woke up grumpy.  This never happens.  She is the one member of our house that always wakes up with a huge smile on her face.  Last sunday, though, I got her out of her crib and heard the congestion immediately.  Her eyes were red and swollen, her nose was a stream of yuckiness.  My husband of course chose that morning to go on an early morning hike, so I was left with our two kids alone, our daughter with a temp of 101.0 (at the time).  

The sick little darling

After gathering myself together (trying to brush off that I somehow did this to K), I called my hubby and he came home right now.  I shot out to Walmart and got all the goodies that were needed in this situation.  I'm basically mentioning these products so I can reference this post the next time a kid gets sick (because believe it or not, this has never really happened to our oldest, B!  No sickies for him, especially with a high temp!). 

  1. Vicks Cool Mist, Filter Free Humidifier
 This little guy is AMAZING.  We own a Graco humidifier that has a filter (a big no-no in my opinion.  Despite running constantly and always being cleaned out, the filter would only last a few weeks.  And at 10 bucks a pop, it is not cost effective) and a Vicks warm mist humidifier, but this one is by far our favorite.  Especially if you have children, and don't want them to get a possible burn from a warm mist humidifier.  The tank lasts 18-24 hours, and has a little slot on the top where you can add a Vicks strip to it for an added bonus.  Who doesn't like the smell of Vicks when they're sick?  It costs $40 at Walmart, but I saw it last week for $28 on Amazon (I can't find it today, though.  Sold out?).

My daughter is 9 months, so I am able to give her this (you can't give Ibuprofen to children under 6 months, though).  When her fever spiked to 103.1, this brought it right down within 20 minutes.  Alternating Children's Advil and Children's Tylenol every time helps bring the fever down as well, too, but I was all out of Tylenol (duh!). 

The hospital where my daughter was born gave us about 4 of these.  I'd never really used them before, but after this week of the sickies, it is being used multiple times a day.  I find it easiest for my husband to hold K, because little girl loves to push my hands away!  My husband wasn't always there, though, and I still managed on my own.  A must before naps or bedtime, to help your child be more comfortable

Don't you like to be in your comfies when you're sick?  I'd get my daughter up in the morning and change her into a fresh pair of jammies for the day.  Everyone knows that the zip up kind are a must, right? :)

I also bought some Little Noses Saline Spray, but didn't use it (is that bad?).  I'm also a fan of the boogie wipes, too, as they help moisturize when I had to wipe her raw nose.  Poor little gal, and she's getting two teeth on top of this!  Let's hope the sickies vacate my little daughter really soon!

*Tip for parents when your kids are sick: Drink some Emergen-C everyday, as well as warm water, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, and 1 tbsp honey (I add lemon, too).  Taste's pretty awful, but I managed to avoid the temp that K got and all the gooeyness of the nose!


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