Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bathtime bubbles

We've started bathing B and K in the bathtub together a month or so ago, and it goes really well. K loves splashing and B is always up for pouring water over her (if he can). K gets all washed first, and as I'm drying her and getting her changed into her jammies, A washes B.

Well, last night I have K all done and we're sitting there watching B get out of the tub. He walks over to where we are and takes his towel off, and then very quickly grabs one of A's glasses cloths and puts it to his butt like he's about to wipe. We're puzzled as to what's going on, when all of the sudden we hear B let out these very loud toots. He has placed the cloth on his butt, though, so that the toots hit it. A and I didn't know what to say, but as soon as B started laughing after he did this, we started bellowing with laughter. It was so funny to see him realize how funny what he did was, and personally, it was funny to see it happen with A's glasses cloth! I'm glad it wasn't something of mine! ;)

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